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Interventions by Diagnosis, Condition or Topic

The following links provide information on common disorders, conditions and topics that affect children and adolescents. Diagnosis and condition are used to reference diagnosable disorders, while topic is used to reference different situations or experiences that could affect the mental health of children and adolescents. Each section contains the following information: general description, diagnostic criteria and/or symptoms, regerences, links and evidence-based practice treatment approaches.

The general description discusses what each disorder, condition or topic is. The different types or subtypes of each diagnosis, condition or topics are also listed.

In diagnosable disorders and conditions, the diagnostic criteria gives symptoms or actions a person must exhibit in order to be diagnosed with a disorder according to the DSM-IV-TR. Information regarding any applicable changes to these diagnoses and conditions in the DSM-5 are also listed. In non-diagnosable topics, common symptoms and warning signs are listed.

If available, some disorders, conditions and topics will identify etiology and prevalence information. This information describes what seems to cause each disorder (if known), how often the disorder occurs in the general population and if there is a biological trend that occurs with the disorder.

References and links lead to articles and other web pages that discuss the disorder, condition or topic.

Evidence-Based Practice treatment approaches list treatments (if any) that have been successful in treating the disorder, condition or topic. The treatments are either evidence-based treatments or promising practices.

The stresses caused by mental health-related issues can take their toll on children and families and may make children more prone to abuse. The National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information and the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse have been consolidated to create the Child Welfare Information Gateway. This website provides current information on issues regarding child maltreatment and mental health issues.

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